Sunday, April 02, 2006

Miles to go before I sleep:D

I think this would be the last of my posts on this blog, so would like to depart a little from posting my own creations and would like to quote John Lennon:

"Christ, you know it ain't easy,
You know how hard it can be,
The way things are going,
They gonna crucify me."

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Convicted For Love

An abrupt whine,
A cry so silent,
Realized twas mine...
Some abysmal fears,
Eyes bewailed,
Sodden with tears...
An unexpected grin,
Instinctively broke in...
There he lay,
In the stained-glass atrium,
As if held at bay...
Unintended, directioned though,
My feet plodded,
Heavy with woe...
Motionless I stood,
Next to his bed,
For ages did I brood...
Extreme agony, that pain,
The suffering,
I couldn't witness again...
My decision didn't wait,
A split second,
Couldn't leave it to fate...
If not now then never,
Heart would thwart me,
And it'll take forever...
Stuffed and puffed and panted,
Throttled and choked,
Till death he ranted...
Contentment imbued to my brim,
I smiled within myself,
My gleeful laugh became dim...
Faded into a bounty of tears,
And into another sleepless night,
My fate steers...
Our lives, Gods have cursed,
With our own hands,
We've killed what we've most loved...!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The War

A thought,


Is it really?
A scuffle,


Is it really?

A battle,


Is it really?

A cause,


Is it really?

A man,


Is it really?

A life,


Is it really?

A charge,


Is it really?

A destruction,


Is it really?

A night,

Is it really?

A struggle,


Is it really?
A victory,


Is it really?

A loss,

Is it really?

A dawn,


Is it really?

A day,

Is it really?

Another night,

Another battle,
Or the same...

Only dead see,

The End Of War...!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Morning

A new sunrise,

another dawn,
Eyes semi-opened,
A morning yawn.

I no longer could hear,
The unusual voices,
sleep could hardly bear.

An uncanny mourning,
in air prevailed,
My thoughts,
in all directions sailed.

I heard his whining,
I could hear him cry,
Restlesness, any further,
forbade me to lie.

I jumped out of bed,
to follow the voice,
Slowly, hesitant,
certainly not by choice.

Every step,
made the cry louder,
I walked down the backyard,
he sounded familiar.

Miles away,
a human figure,
Sat by a tombstone,
crying, I thought, was de rigueur.

Awe developed into shock,
shock moulded to fear,
The voice echoed within me,
as the silhoutte drew near.

I began to run,
at the best of my pace,
In the opposite direction,
avoiding a glance at his face.

But moments could I run,
then tripped over a rock,
Unmoved, I lay there,
unconsciousness, a while, did I mock.

How could he be omnipresent,
I desired to run away,
Why only now, I feared,
how can today be the day?

And then I had to give up,
it was no ordinary stone,
In bold, it had my name carved,
and the face of the man was my own.

By my own grave,
I sat down and cried.........

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Wait

I wrote this one some one month back, but have realized its relevance now!!!

A sultry bath,

Showers from sun,
Semi-opened eyes,
Half battle won.

A hundred people,
A million glares,
Just for the moment,
Who cares.

Another moment,
Another second gone,
She'll be there,
I won't be lone.

Any minute,
Just any moment,
Eyes will have the glitter,
Presently dormant.

The longing eyes,
The lasting debate,
Is my wait,
Worth a wait?

Usual outcome,
The heart prevails,
I'll wait my friend,
Till life it says.

I'll wait, my love,
Till life it says.......

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Death of a raindrop

The Gods pleased,
Heaven rejuvenates,
Breezes soothe,,
Life celebrates.

Clouds summit,
A rendezvous,
A glittery fiesta,
Tonight lets do.

Tonight lets groove,
And dance along,
To our own song.

Drops of passion,
Of joy, no dearth,
Of momentary life,
The newly attained birth.

She knows, for long,
Tis not gonna last,
It won't be long,
When she'd be past.

But after a while,
She starts loving,
The fraudulent life,
The air-bubble identity.

So much that,
She didn't want to die,
To travel more, with air,
She wanted to fly.

Unknown destination,
Some unexplored spot,
Meaningless journey,
No direction she got.

And death did come,
In another moment,
She died a painful death,
Away from her nearest.

Death of another drop,
With another birth,
Death of another life,
But the soul still attached to earth.

Break free.......

Sunday, January 15, 2006


A few yards ahead,
As I was told,
My tread fastened,
In the dusky cold.

Moments later,
There will be darkness,
It sought patience,I thought,
And time was less.

One night,
And he would go,
Some other village,
Twas heard so.

From far-off,
I spotted a queue,
A thousand souls,
Were already due.

I saw colours,
I saw light,
Them being carved,
And painted bright.

The fantasies, fascinations,
Would soon come true,
I so wished the queue,
Reduces to a few.

I joined in,
Waiting for my turn,
For which I did yearn.

At the stroke of midnight,
It did come,
My joy inexplicable,
But eyes fearsome.

Will it hurt,
Was all I could ask,
Excitement overshadowed fear,
Thus began the task.

An attractive shape,
To begin with, he cut,
And then he chiseled them,
It did hurt, but.

And then he painted them,
Lovely rose,
I appreciated myself,
For the colour I chose.

A part of my soul,
I paid him in all,
Adoring their beauty,
In the mirror on the wall.

I walked back place,
Appreciations within,
At an easy pace.

That night,
I did sleep calm,
Serene dreams,
Keeping me warm.

But the dawn came,
With a thought too shallow,
Would I fly,
With wings so bijou.

The worst of my fears,
Did come alive,
Too midget they were,
Too midget to fly.

Thats what life does,
Cuts its wings for the world,
It appears beautiful,
Like a beautiful dead bird.
A Beautiful Dead Bird.........