Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Convicted For Love

An abrupt whine,
A cry so silent,
Realized twas mine...
Some abysmal fears,
Eyes bewailed,
Sodden with tears...
An unexpected grin,
Instinctively broke in...
There he lay,
In the stained-glass atrium,
As if held at bay...
Unintended, directioned though,
My feet plodded,
Heavy with woe...
Motionless I stood,
Next to his bed,
For ages did I brood...
Extreme agony, that pain,
The suffering,
I couldn't witness again...
My decision didn't wait,
A split second,
Couldn't leave it to fate...
If not now then never,
Heart would thwart me,
And it'll take forever...
Stuffed and puffed and panted,
Throttled and choked,
Till death he ranted...
Contentment imbued to my brim,
I smiled within myself,
My gleeful laugh became dim...
Faded into a bounty of tears,
And into another sleepless night,
My fate steers...
Our lives, Gods have cursed,
With our own hands,
We've killed what we've most loved...!!!