Sunday, October 30, 2005

November Rain

After quite a while have I come up with another of my poems...Plzz dont bash me if its not good...Here I go:

Come,hold my hand,
Echoed the familiar husk,
Not until you agree,
Fell more as it fell,the dusk.

With those sultry hands she clenched,
My arm into her grip,
The warmth giving me shivers,
Trembled my lower lip.

Drew it back,my limb,
Unwillingly though,
Mind over matters I thought,
Don't let the emotions grow.

Stern as I tried to be,
Nothing seemed to work,
She'd already made her mind,
Nobody,on green,could shirk.

For me,it has rained today,
Intended to enliven me,
Once more,she said,who knows,
Our last one it might be.

My hand reached for her mouth,
To stop the words flow,
My body against her softness,
Unwilling eyes implying no.

Chagrined as she was,
One last time did she try,
This time with a whining plead,
Best she could do was to cry.

How could I have affirmed,
How could I let her go,
No sane man on earth,I thought,
Would let it be so.

I dragged her back to bed,
Its time for your pill,
For that I'm sure she hated me,
Momentarily against her own will.

But moments could it last,
And then she loved me again,
The deepest of her kisses,
And it was her last rain.

If only I would have known,
If only I would have.........................

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Trust me....I'm seriously not

It was depression,actually depression with a capital D,which had been engulfing my mind.Wrong book at the right time,rather right book at the wrong time would be more apt.On a never-ending train journey,carrying books like "Prison Diary",which make you feel all the more chagrined,that too for fun read,was a bad,actually worse than bad idea,I thought ruefully.Jeffrey Archer,I knew had a drolly way of providing one with the fun his text did provide,but this strange??But it wouldn't have been if the train wouldn't have got delayed,by over 20 hours,due to derailment of some Matsyagandha Express-later a national tragedy,on the way,making my already 48 hour sojourn to some odd-72..
I used to,actually still do,relish these long distance train journeys due to umpteen reasons....the excitement of reaching some far-off different land,the uncertainity of meeting new people on the way,talking arbitrarily to strangers endlessly,and when you travel a two-tier AC in Rajdhani,you have sufficiently high chances of finding a hottie,or cutie,or whatever for that matter..but unluckily for me,and luckily for her,there wasn't any!!I had already done what I could,read all the books and mags I got along,caught on enough sleep for the entire last month,filled an entire notepad of sketches of whatever I could spot outside the window,and strived to spot a girl in the entire compartment,strolled to and fro to achieve that.All Waste!!And then,to back it all up were Archer's unforgetful,oh-so-depressing thoughts and thanks to my wonderful visualizing power.....I was sure I was in prison!!!
She comes and accomodates herself to the sleeper,rids herself of her footwear,making herself comfortable and settles down......on the sleeper opposite to mine!!Whereas I,making some puddings in my mind as to what to do,lay drowned in my own!!New hopes!!!A silver lining in these dark as hell clouds!!For the next few countless hours,I,lay down,unmoved,gathering enough guts to atleast talk,exchanging glances,yess they were being returned,some with that specific haughtiest ice-queen glares of hers,making me all the more agog,setting me ablaze,their thought still does!!Finally I did,and she replied with that husky,passionate voice,those diamond-refractive-indexed eyes colliding with mine,ready to make peace,to heart climbing from chest to neck,this time not because of the train's motion...a few moments of talking to her and there was topsy turvy in my groin,she was so hot,arousing my passions to take over me,and something within me told me she was equally interested...There wasn't anyone within a few metres of us,noone to be seen fortunately because of people deciding to take their own way,preferring to commute by bus,the rest of the journey,all due to the delay!!I did not know things would fire up so easily...It only took a few more minutes to reduce the distance between our lips to millimetre range,and ages to delete that.And when it finally disappeared in thin air,my first,I realized there's so much to life beyond anything...She tasted like peppermint.And woman.And then those gracious lines on page 170 of FPS which I had read indefinite times scrolled like a marquee in my cerebrum,or cerebellum or whichever it is-"My hand slid under her .......".For the first time,I understood the relevance of that "Life would be so much easy without hooks" text so clearly!!And whatever I had learned in my latest Mills and Boon came to my rescue,her being so indefatigable adding fuel to the fire,I still can very clearly recall every bit those paroxysms of screaming,those moans and groans,her teeth digging into her lower lips,she sure was as enticing as seductive..I could still feel the softness of her body, with her unremitting,never-weakening desire fusing against mine...those beads of love on her body growing unstoppably ,increasing her beauty... every drop seemed like decorating her!!!My credo-LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.But it never had been this beautiful!!
Yes,that was the day I got my JEE result....and to be truthful,yess,I'm no longer a virgin,that was the day,she,life fucked me....I am still sufferin' the repercussions!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

When Friends get Gals

I've been thinking of writing about this for quite a while now,with the number rising still further,and me improving on my observations with every count,being quite a success in retaining my singleton stature!But now,when Dear God has chosen me to remain the free bird as I always was,with nothing,almost nothing to worry about,let me consider their considerations a li'l bit,according to my speculations.
Lets start from the start,when we guys got into first year,(all the names henceforth are changed to maintain privacy,Guess if you can!),ok,so when we guys got into first year,each one of us had one thing in common,there had to be something ofcourse to bring us all together,and it was love,true love,for every,almost every damn girl we ever saw (apart from those hidden flickers for guys too,buried deep down in our hearts),pretty workable though,and none of us had had a girlfriend(with an exception or two,who had exceptionally had everybody's share of 'em).And each of us had capabilities and personalities to get popular in the girl's hostel(infamous,if not famous),plus each one of us(without any exceptions here) was one of those studies-are-not-my-type guys,and being in IIT,we knew,we were the wrong people at the right place or perfectly right people at the wrong place,whichever way.But we needed a gal,obviously not one for everyone,one each,and she had to be good too,good enough.But there were two major setbacks to overcome to even consider getting one,yes,here it comes again,the IIT factor,plus the Roorkee factor.But we were of the intentions of making the IIT factor work our way,but Roorkee lacked any grass.So we started looking for greener pastures,but it never rained.One fine day,after some IITR fest,I faintly remember which one,when those "hidden flickers" had started to fire up,one true stud out of us got someone,someone from the campus itself,someone who was never an alternative.And then there was another one,who realized his love for an age-old friend,and then there was another close one who,somehow,developed a liking for another campus gal,gave it a shot,and lo,mission accomplished.Here begins the third sem,and then we have an absolutely unexpected mutual proposal,count plus one,and then another close one kinda falls for a junior,and things show nice prospects!And there goes Iron Maiden-"I am a man who walks alone..........." and cacaphonically pleasing Godsmack into my ears-"I stand alone" and blah blah songs.
But then realization doomed upon me,it started to seem I'm the only one who's living life the easy way!One of all,having an affair is too expensive an affair!The phone calls,lets put it this way,the overnight never-ending phone calls,the dinner-dates where guys pay out of courtesy,those expensive gifts,even those chocolates,mann,it costs,and to add to all this,the misery of not letting your parents know,who is gonna pay for all this by the way?Plus the time,the ever unimportant and useless entity.The so called "quality-time" you spend with your "luvvah",added that goes in your part-time-telephone-operator job,plus half of the rest of your day that goes in "her" thoughts,dont please tell me "life was never this beautiful".Ask someone right after a call,"what did you guys talk about?",and after prolonged thought,the reply comes,"general stuff,the day's events".Can anyone please explain how it takes 5 hours to if not describe,then even explain one day's happenings,with a normal human being speaking at 100 wpm,what do you guys talk about?I once went on overhearing a friend's std call,and out of the 15 minutes duration I could wastefully spare,the breakup came up to be 10 minutes of chanting the three words and 5 minutes of silence,and your frickin balance disappears when you gotta make an urgent phone call!My final inference,"COME ONE,COME ALL,but only Beautiful Chics",my tombstone,if any,would bear this.And now I sleep to Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman agreeing,"And then I go and spoil it all By saying something stupid Like I love you".

Who is to blame??

Another one gone!Another to-be-technocrat lost!Who is to blame?Responsible for this escalating count of self-killers?Are the authorities so much to blame and target for all this?This troublesome thought haunts my mind more with the count going further up.And I always end up feeling that the person,whoever concerned,was too stupid to conduct such an act,he must have been no less than a psychotic to be aggressive enough to take his own life for a petty reason,if not petty,then atleast miniscule in stature as compared to the deadly act committed,Im sorry I might have outrightly blunt views on this,no offences to anyone. Since I started my life as a collegiate,this is the third suicide case that has come up and faced light,the last two being in my college itself.Things were,rather have been quite foggy and opaque and the matters pretty suppressed,with the authorities keeping their lips stitched,and truth being available in tiny tit-bits making the cases historical secrets and an aura of suspense still prevails.But does that,in any way point towards the authorities being the culprits?Two of the three cases,have,directly or indirectly,questioned the authenticity of the whole assessment procedure,or on a broader scale,towards the malfunctioning of the authorities,not much being known about the third one.And I,without the slightest of doubt,agree that things are that way,that the exam sheets are not assessed the way they should be,the whole class's dissatisfaction on getting their papers back proves that.But does that mean I have no doors open,no way to go but the ultimate way if I flunk just because of some professor's untimely mood swings during assessment?And if arousing public consciousness was what the acts were intended to do,would the final outcome be even anywhere near to achieving its motive?What difference does that make,if it does?Would the authorities be more sensitive towards we the students,would the assessment now be impartial,or would their ears be open to our voices now?I don't think any of this is a non-Utopian thought for a student!But there has been a loss for sure,yes,and it would have an impact too,but on whom?Today,its nothing more than a stale yesterday's piece of news what was yesterday a breathstirring tragedy which challenged the whole system!Who cares?You are to blame my boy,yes you,yourself for your own stupid good-for-nothing act!

Business Ideaz

You learn a lot in these bus journeys.There are some experiences confined solely to a bus,which you don't get to enjoy anydamnwhere else.And this one,like the last bus one,is funny but unlike that,serious too,serious as a problem.It is about a beggar,thats what the society calls them.I have,and I believe everyone has faced these beggars on the bus stations,them being the commonest of public places,forcing you to shell out money anyhow,saying the weirdest and crappiest of "goodies" for you.Here's one I encountered at the bus stop,"Bhagwan apki jodi banayega".Wow isnt that amazing?And another one,"Bhagwan apko pass karega!".How do I tell him now that whatever's made of me will be done by the professor.But this one was different.Quite a number of us must have seen this "different" way of begging before.Here's my experience:First of all,I'm awakened by the hustle bustle of this city Shamli,indicating one more hour to go for my place.And there's this wonderfully irritating and smell-bud-spoiling(if there's something called a smell bud),wicked aroma from some sugar mill,yes,it assures me I'm in Shamli.And then,I get amazed by this lady,somewhere in her middle twenties,who I see running with a ravishing speed and in a flash,climbs the bus I was on,believe me,I could never even think of doing that.And then she smiles reassuring herself she had boarded without any harm to any of her movables or immovables,not even a nail(ladies are pretty conscious about their valuable nails breaking off).And then she does what I had seen many people do before,she distributes hand-sized bright-pink-coloured,some whitish-green ones too,tattered as if been used for months,leaflets which had written matter on both sides,half Hindi,half English each side,the English stuff under the head APPEAL,and I understood.I had seen such pamphlets before,once when I read it,I found absolute shitty stuff written,since then,I had preferred not to read 'em.And so I,as usual,decided on ignoring the lady and avoiding the read.But one,rather two words caught my eye on an overview,'This children',it started.Just to enjoy the grammatical mistakes which I'm very fond of abruptly pointing out,I decided to give it a read.Here's what the English stuff said:
This children are very poor.There mother father are dead.There relatives burnt.These can not do anything.These are like your children.Please give them 2rs,5rs or 10rs.
Howzat?A 25-year old lady,no children anywhere,I tried my best to figure out if there were any accompanying her but I'm sure there weren't(If that bychance was a reference to We Are All God's "Children",I'm sorry lady,I couldn't decipher your intentions),trying to fool people,I thought nobody would give a damn and she wouldn't extract a penny out of this bus,but she already had 20-30 bucks when she came back to me to collect the leaflets.Mann,how can the world be so ignorant?Probably she even didn't know what was there on those pink papers,might have bought some odd-50 of them for at max equal money,and what a flourishing business!Thats 20rs per 10 mins,would I earn at that a rate after graduating from one of the country's best colleges?This stimulated and influenced my thought process for quite a while.Hope it does to yours too.Why is the world so ignorant?Why are we so ignorant?

What you wear is what you wear!

No I've neither boozed nor doped,I know the title might reflect so.But thats just a semi-statement,I am of the view that "what you wear,you wear it in your attitude".
The subconscious works in a strange way.Picture this,you get up in the morning,open your almirah,and there you have a plethora of clothing,all sorts,so you analyze your wardrobe,obviously think about the day's set of activities,and suddenly you take a pick,or two if you are confused,isnt it?So,the common perception is that we "wear the occasion",as the famous catchline of some suiting company goes.Well,my views differ on this.Now how many times has it happened that one feels like being in a shirt and a decent trousers,(which is thought of as a formal outfit,only for "the" occasions,the age-old preconceived notion),on any usual same-as-other day.Do you always want to wear formals in the so called and believed formal functions?Atleast it has happened to me!I wore a shirt yesterday,no good reason at all,just by my inner prompting,and tucked it in too,which is the rarest of the rarest for me, and trust me,every second person I knew would ask me:"Kya baat hai,bahut formal shormal ho rahe ho?"It isn't that they didn't compliment me,nor was it odd to notice my awkwardly sudden change of dressing sense,but this word "formal" was always there.Why is a tucked in shirt always formal,while a t-shirt informal?If your answer is "thats the way it has always been",give it another thought.Aren't we supposed to make our own rules,the ones that govern our life,if not others'?If my heart feels I should wear something absolutely whacky,(when I say whacky,I simply refer to something thats "considered" unsuitable for the occasion, sticking inside the limit of non-obscenities),then why not?It feels from within that every dress,every colour,every combination,is related to a mood,and we generally tend to be inclined towards wanting to wear the costume best suited,or adjusted,or in perfect accordance to it,it happens unconsciously,or to put it more aptly,subconsciously!Now I won't extend my fattas to what represents what coz its different for everyone,plus then,that would be too much of fattas,let the nature analysts do it.All I would put is"Just wear your attitude!"I'm feeling like wearing shirts nowadays which I hardly possess,but to continue my yesterday's legacy,and out of my human instincts,I'm wearing another of those black shirts today,tucked in!!So,how do I look?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Truth Hurts!!!!

Yess it does...and it does real terribly!!!
Heard this one in some movie..though it took me quite some time to realize its relevance in today's world!!!Here it goes:-
"You speak truth lightly and nobody agrees, you shout a lie and it becomes truth!!"

Had a Data Structures class of those usual classes,I say usual because its the same old going to the class and enjoying a few short naps coz you don't get anything as you do,rather as you don't in other classes...
But I couldn't have missed this one the way I do the other usual ones...Proxy rules my I couldn't have missed it because the professor's quite strict(thats not it...all profs are strict,huh!!) and he had been takin a thorough attendance for the last two consecutive classes..mind it "thorough" ...thereby resulting in me being absent when I actually was..which generally didn't happen!!!
SO...I went to the class and sat on my usual second last bench....(Things seem to adapt to each other with their time of association with each other...And you get used to things...It seemed everybody had had some seat number already fixed for him/her..and mine was default second assure me always that there is someone behind you!!!Even after getting into the class late,that bench always lay vacant for me..),so I sat on the second last bench after a little cleaning up, the dust indicating the long but finally fruitful wait of the bench for its occupant...someday,I know,you'll come,atleast the day you have the fear of your attendance falling short!!!Today was 'the' day.....
Everything looked to be the same way it looked before...when i say before...I refer to the last class I attended,(now don't strain me by asking when that was),the class with the exception of two guys(Saket and Sparsh) and some I-want-to-study-even-if-you-teach-or-not-minded gals was engrossed in the sombrest of sleeps,which they probably found difficult to catch on in their rooms,the teacher was humming the same old lullaby,this one with audio-visual effects too(he teaches with a laptop,projector,and a mic)....and so with the same adoration for this professors advanced 'teaching' techniques,I started on what I presumed to be an imperturbed 1 hour nap.

But it was soon disrupted by the professors attendance calls,as expected,he was askin everyone the reason for missing the last class,the way a judge questions a murder suspect....and I thought I was a serial killer who has comitted repeated crimes...what would become of me!!!!
And so came my turn...After much consideration,I had decided upon the 'I'm not well' excuse..but that already had been used twice before my turn ....and didn't help much too.....but I still decided to stick to it,the other alternative being keeping quite...and I do not generally like one-sided conversations with one person speaking and the other one practising the silence of the lambs......
But lo,my turn came....I,with a little lower and saddened voice,but the same old girly shrill still involved (thats what people say)..shouted PRESENT SIR...And so it went,he did not say anything!!!Telepathy..I thought,yes it works!!
But I was probably not loud enough,told my surrounding maties,who by that time,had started wiping their eyes with their handkerchiefs,everone hurling whatever they could at the prof...the person responsible for the destruction of their much awaited dreams!!!!
I was just thinking of going to the prof after he gets done...just to tell him I'm finally there..right in the classroom,but he just spoke up:-
"Ye Shubham Khurana 'Ji' achhe hain,pehle hi ghar chale gaye lagta hai,3 absents in a row!!"
And meri watt lag gayi mamu!!I stood up clarifying that I'm there...probably wasn't loud enough...and voila,he called me!!
I went with the most serious and bechara of looks as some Mike Tyson had just beaten the shit out of me(as I was told later by fellows who by the time were over with their sledging-the-prof sessions)....and said rightaway:-
"Sir I had fever"
Looks at me with that I-know-you-are-lying attitude.
"I didn't attend any single class for the last two days apart from the essential practicals Sir"
(I was pretty confident saying that coz I actually didn't,what if the reasons were different,and that I think did the trick)
"So....can I believe you?"
Mission Accomplished dude!!!
"Sir you can check the attendance sheets of other profs!"
(I'm sure you won't,even you know you won't)
"OK Go"
The way I unexpectedly returned untouched from the lion's den,it felt as if Lady Luck was making serious passes at me.
So thats how I escaped...but others who were absent for even 1 day were called by him after the class and I wasn' Howzat!!!Now that was like Lady Luck asking me directly to sleep with her!!!!
But there is another side to it...consider my humanism...if I would have told the prof that I was sleeping at my room coz I watched some movies late night,then chatted with arbit would have hurt....real if he gets to know...I'm not the only one..rather I form the majority would hurt,wouldn't it???
Maybe he knows the truth,maybe he doesn't,maybe everyone in this entire frickin world does know the truth...but everyone knows this too,that TRUTH HURTS and this is the truth.
Does this one hurt by the way??

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Bug's Life!!!!

After two really boring posts for you people,here's where I feel the need of an interesting one...And its about a dear friend Ankit...we call him bugs not just because his surname is "bagheria" but his size is comparable to one!!!! I choose to write about this guy because he's different,verry different,an altogether different species,one of those not-so-human human beings who are living under the homo-sapien tag just for the sake of it....
Now this paranormal mind with a below normal body is the biggest pessimist I much that even if everything is there in apple pie ordu,this guy is absolutely sure its not gonna work...nothing's ever gonna work for him!!!I fail to understand how he survives...but then he gives me the answer to this with the biggest of grins,"On pepsi,hehe!!"

Great facts about him:
1.He can twist and curl his body in the strangest of ways which no cellulose-skinned human can do,so much that he scares me at times,speculations are that his body doesn't have bones.
2.He drinks atleast 2 litres of soft drink a day,thats pretty similar to cockroaches who can eat stuff more than their own weight everyday.
3. He's the most managed person I've seen...guess how he marks his cassettes,something like folders...A1,B1....n so on(Gawd is that managed??or psycho??)!!
4.He spends some 1800 bucks worth talktime in one month...and to tell you,he hardly is interested in girls....not that he's too interested in guys,and he assures you he's nothing of a hermaephrodite!!!
5.Gets psyched verry easily,by things ranging from playing loud music on his computer, to teasing him by some arbit girl's name(R*d*i,if thats how you spell it)!!!As I told ya,gals are a big no no!!
6.Got his comp assembled worth 50k in a time when you get a decent configuration for 25k...just because he wanted the graphics to be great while playing games and so that he can end up with a better configuration than any of his friends!!!But when it comes to treating your friends even a pepsi,he asks for 8 bucks.
7.He,throughout the campus,is considered to be a compu bond...which I agree he is,rather,I'm forced to feel at times that he's a cyborg himself...(trust me,he actually gets virus attacks)plus he has a typing speed that can really piss you off if you see him typing!!
8.He always thinks he is wrong and is absolutely underconfident!!
9.He generally is wrong,apart from the academic stuff!!
10.But he has a good choice,good because it is similar to mine,especially when it comes to girls...but he doesn't choose the girl for himself...never...he does it for others!!!
11.Forgot to mention he's a 9 pointer,some odd 9.32 pointer to be exact,but is still sure he'll flunk in half the subjects...What a nerd!!!!(I don't say this,this is what people say)
12.Latest developments are that he has started liking guys and his love for guys seem to multiply exponentially!!!

And this is what he has to say about himself on Orkut:

Uhmm!Don' know what to write about myself. I am a straight-forward, easy-going, dedicated n friendly guy. Sumtimes too careless, sumtimes too forgetful, sumtimes lazy but sometimes too ghisoo. Though a bit introvert but I can be a good friend. Mad about Comps, programming, gaming. Want to excel in software field. I love travelling n would like to visit the whole world if possible. And ya I love chocolates, cola-drinks n chips on which I live half of the time as this mess food is horrible. The most valuable thing in my life is my friends. Zeemply can't live without them. Hope god blesses me with a load of frnds. enough pissing you off bugs,all I wanna end up with is YOU SUCK MORE THAN I DO!!!!!And I'm sure you'd write a comment on this one.....plzz do!!

Mein Kampf!!!!!

Its been more than an year of my stay in an overprivileged institute,more than one whole year of me as an IITian and I've done everything I never did in my school life....I've copied tutorials,made chits to take in Exams,written answers on handkerchiefs,fooled professors the best I could,cheated everyone for my own best interests and now is when I feel,I've cheated someone more than I've cheated anyone else,I've cheated myself!!!

"This is my life and look what i've made of it!!!", the thought has been haunting my mind for the last 6 odd hours....and I have been forced,by my own conscience, to do a SWOT of my own!!!
For those who don't know what a SWOT analysis is,there's this very fave line I would like to qoute here which explains it all-"My strength is my wife,my weakness is my neighbours wife,my opportunity is when my neighbour is away,my threat is when I am away"

STRENGTH:I consider my biggest strength to be my confidence....I don't think anyone confides in his own self more than I do and thats the reason I am where I am now...And this is what is responsible for my so called Xtra-Kool attitude!!!And this my dear,trust me,takes you places!!

WEAKNESS:This is what should occupy most of this post's space, but I would rather keep it short .The first word that comes to my mind when I start thinking of my weaknesses is "girls"....But my biggest weakness,I feel is my sleep...and my habit of procrastinating things!!!

OPPORTUNITY:The only opportunity I see in my life now is to improve upon the things I'm good at,to do atleast those things perfectly that I do well..I know I'm gonna screw up badly in half my acads, but I atleast look forward to doing justice to my extra-curriculars and the other half of the acads.

THREAT:My biggest threat now is my habit of taking things so lightly that I might even flunk in some subjects, if not that,then atleast my CG would further lower down,because of my not-so-nice-oh-so-shitty image in front of the profs....

Now this one might not have been a fun read for any of you..(if it was,I don't think you have anything to do in your life),but it helped me.....hopefully it did!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


This one's very different from my previous posts....its about my all-time fave movie..Serendipity!!!
It starts with fate bringing John Cusack(wish I had his looks) and Kate Beckinsale(who's lookin extraordinarily cute in the movie) together..and as it was destined to be,they fall in love on the very first night and then they get separated, convinced that one day they'd end up together....coz the actress believes in what we call "Serendipity"
Ive seen the movie around 8-9 times and can still go for it any damn time....

Here's an excerpt from one of my fave scenes:
Jonathan: This is the ultimate blend to drink. How'd you find this place?
Sara: I first came in because of the name: Serendipity. It's one of my favorite words.
Jonathan: It is? Why?
Sara: It's such a nice sounding word for what it means: a fortunate accident.

And my fave line:
You know the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: "Did he have passion?".

I'm feeling like watchin it again right now...So here's where I end this...And for those who haven't,go watch it now!!!

When Love Feels Like Magic, It's called Destiny. When Destiny Has A Sense of Humor, It's Called Serendipity.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Why does pop suck??

"You listen to Backstreet Boys?Holy frickin shit!"

"You bloody listen to pop?Mann....You suck,so does your pop!"

"The next time you wear this T-shirt,I'm gonna fuck you there and then!"

Has it happened to anyone,or its just my story?Anyways,this blog is meant for mine so I'll go ahead.
It starts with me getting into one damn college,one damn IIT,one of those rock temples of India.And I was one sinner in that temple,a sinner who listened to another musical genre,or letsay,worshipped an altogether different religion,the Pop.These Linkin Parks and Iron Maidens were totally alien to my musical taste,but as they say,'When in Rome,do the Romans',so I began on my new journey,the 'rock way'.I perceived rock to be a bunch of long-haired,untidy,tooo cool for their own ass,doper and boozer and fagger hooligans,shouting at the top of their voices(comes from their heart they say),with the music being more,rather much more prominent than the singing.But it had another dimension,it was music afterall,an entirely different music.I must admit I did not really like rock music in the first go,probably i felt the extent to which the people are mad about it surpasses the quality of music,it aint that good,probably my expectations were too high then.But then I experienced the so called salvation,the rock nirvana,and i became a part of those crazy,though not-so-crazy hooligans.I started,if not worshipping, then atleast,respecting and appreciating rock.
But that brings me to what this is all about.If rock rocks,then why does pop suck?Can't a person have simultaneous liking for two different music styles?After listening to almost all genres of rock,I still have the same adoration and same fascination for the same old Backstreet Boys.Jennifer Lopez still pleases me and I still enjoy Enrique to the same extent I used to.It is my liking and my heart and if I derive pleasure out of the things that piss you off,I cant help it.If some particular rock genre seems nothing more to me than a mere cacaphony,I cant help it.If my choice is not in accordance with yours,I even cant help it.I atleast maintained my decency enough by not wearing my BSB T-shirt in a rock show,so why not maintain your decency enough to shut your holes and not blurt out anything against what you dont like and others do.Everyone's different and thats how it should be.Why practice some kind of music chauvanism?"If rock rocks,then so does pop!",you dig that sucka?

Peace please,m straight!!!!

This is another of those foul but uncanny experiences ive had in a bus.And this is being reported live with one homosexual class 12 guy(how do i know?he's just told me about his being in class 12,the rest i figured out myself) sitting right next to me,looks as if either he's too fascinated by my nokia 6600 or my sky-blue jeans coz his eyes do not seem to stop staring,not even a blink.And so he tries to strike a conversation.Im trying my level best not to let him build it though,but he doesnt seem to stop.Ive never seen a guy wanting to talk to another one so desperately.Even in a chatroom where we have nothing better to do,as and when we're told that the person on the other side is male too,the first and obviously the last thing we do is bid adieu to him.Anyways, questions being fired on me range from my cellphone to my studies and the answers from a nod to a yes,me seriously trying to pay as little attention as i can.And then i'm offered peanuts,peanuts worth 2rs,wow,thats cheap and quite new and innovative an idea to keep the conversation going.After refusing for atleast 10 and a half times,i pick one halfheartedly and so moved our conversation.But luck seemed to be equally distributed as i didnt have to wait long for his stop."Aana kabhi",says he,"Zaroor".Good riddance,my friend!My heart smiled and Santana's smooth started pleasing my long awaiting ears,indicating happy times again.But my joie de vivre was shortlived as he was now replaced by one uncle in his early 30s,who it looked,was looking for this opportunity for long.Not so sure about the last one but this fellow passenger was a true gay,i can bet from the bottom of my pocket on this.The first thing he did after sitting was asked about my whereabouts and then,am too shy to mention this,placed a hand on my thigh,though my sky-blue jeans was quite sufficient a separating wall.And then,after regular intervals,he would touch the cellphone,or the headset wire,my only relief being my place just being 30 mins journey from there,and by then,i had even mastered the art of ignoring people completely.
But overall,i didnt know homosexual population is rising at such a pace in India,all i can end up with, now, is
'Necessity is the mother of strange bedfellows.'
Peace prevails finally,atleast this rickshawalah is not gay!!